Site management

Site management during a clinical trial often has the most impact on timelines and it is often the most challenging aspect of a clinical trial. Our experienced staff provides the entire range of site management services, recruitment control, reporting, and logistical issue solutions in Central & Eastern Europe.

The administrative management of the sites is often underestimated, especially in trials involving multiple coutries.

Some common issues include:

  • Trial material supply
  • Documentation completion questions
  • Courier management
  • Proper equipment
  • Other vendor's procedures
  • Contractual questions
  • Specimen and sample processing, shipping, and storage procedures
  • Site payment and processing issues

This is only a small list of the most common issues. Hundreds and hundreds of seemingly small problems can arise during the trial's lifecycle. Failure to meet the administrative challenges can negatively impact the trial's recruitment, and the site staff can lose motifation sue to frustration. When the site's staff does not get enough attention and help with problems they encounter, the motivation to meet goals decreases. Accordingly, the enrollment and quality of the trial suffers as well.

S&P Pharmaterra's philosophy is founded on the following principle: Every site problem, no matter how small or big, is S&P Pharmaterra's problem. This philosophy is followed not only by the CRA's on the ground but for everyone at S&P Pharmaterra.